I have repeatedly received positive feedback on my work—not only
for final deliverables—but also for my approach, communication, process, attitude, and standards
of excellence.

My approach is communicative, enthusiastic, and proactive.
I am comfortable presenting my work in a range of settings including one-on-one, at board meetings, and in front of community groups.

My process is collaborative, creative, iterative, responsive, and strategic. I am equally adept at working individually and on a team.
My attitude is “can do,” tenacious,
and fun-loving. I embrace budgets
and timelines as part of the
design challenge.

My standards for excellence are extremely high. I am self-motivated to create exquisite work. I discuss some of what “fuels my fire” below.
Even as a kid I had some basic awareness that certain items were more aesthetically engaging than similarly purposed counterparts. Over time this awareness evolved into interest which, in turn, evolved into passion for art, architecture, and the entire realm of design: graphic, furniture, industrial, etc.
While I appreciate design of many styles and eras, Modernism and the Swiss / International Style inspired me to pursue design as a lifelong vocation. I feel indebted to the designers that inspire me. To repay this debt, I strive to build upon their aesthetic / philosophical values, adapting them for the 21st Century.
“Design” is how I experience the world. From the mundane to the profound, my human experience is constructed of many elements that
I am able to classify, arrange, and attribute meaning. Whether designing an identity or planning a bicycle ride, I employ creativity, empathy, and strategic thinking.